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  • What if I have a gas escape in my property or I experience a loss of gas supply?
  • What is an IGT?
  • Who is my gas supplier?
  • What is the difference between a supplier and a gas transporter?
  • Where can I find a list of suppliers?
  • Who is my gas transporter?
  • What if I do not know who my gas supplier or gas transporter is?
  • What is the MPRN and how can I find it?
  • How do I get a meter installed?
  • What is a Meter Serial Number and how can I find it?
  • Are there any disadvantages of being connected to an IGT?
Utility Contractors
  • Where can I obtain an iGT connection?
  • How do I get a meter installed?
  • How do I obtain a quotation for a connection?
  • Where can I find contact details for IGTs?
  • When can I expect the gas to be connected to the site?
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